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14th Annual Spring ArtWalk

Thank you for making this event such a success!

Allison Chambers painting "From Conception to Completion" was a two day floral demonstration enjoyed by many.

Saturday, following Friday night's ArtWalk, Allison returned and completed the painting, which is now available through the gallery.

Oil on Canvas
48" x 30"

Joining Allison on Saturday were James Nelson Lewis, demonstrating the painting of a wave on canvas, and Michael Reibel, demonstrating  the painting of a marsh nocturne on paper.  All were truly a sight to see!

 "Curling Wave"  Oil on Canvas  12" x 16"

"Curling Wave"

Oil on Canvas

12" x 16"

Gallery Workshops

The Gallery will now be offering two day workshops with our esteemed Artists!  We would love to hear which artists you would like to host, subject matter, techniques, etc.


Currently Scheduled:

Allison Chambers

Floral Painting

September 12th & 13th (10:30 - 3:30)

6 spots, 3 currently available

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